Monday, June 20, 2016

Rainy season in Japan and how to prevent the rain!?

¡Holaaaa amigos!
In early summer (roughly the beginning of June until mid-July), most parts of Japan get visited by a rainy season,  梅雨(tsuyu). Written with the kanji 梅 (ume) and 雨 (ame), respectively plum and rain, literally means the “plum rain” as this season coincides with the plum ripening period. 

This season remains me ............
"Teru teru bōzu"(照る照る坊主).
It is a traditional Japanese doll made of tissue paper or cloth hung in front of the window to prevent rain. Teru (照る) means “shine” as in sunshine, while bōzu (坊主) refers to a Buddhist priest or bonze. 

Therefore, teru teru bōzu means as much as “shine, shine, monk” and alludes to a priest’s magical powers to prevent a rainy day.

¡Vamos hacer uno y veamos si sirve!(let's try to make one and see if it works!)
Hang it in the window overnight to ward off rain for the next day.

And sing the teru teru bōzu song!

¡Hasta pronto!

Next day..........

Mi querida amiga Emi, gracias por la sugerencia del tema. Con todo cariño te dedico esta publicación y espero que te guste. ¡Te adoro y te extraño!


  1. Hahahaha Que serio comentario Andrés :) gracias por verlo !!

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    1. Thank you pave!!!! Would you like to try to make one with your cute daughter?? :) and if you do it, show me the picture, please!!

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    1. Siiii! Hoy se supone que iba a llover todo el día y ya paro !!

  4. pues tu hechizo paró la lluvia en méjico, ayer no diluvió una gota!! Pronto haremos uno de esos acá
    Slds Akemi

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