Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sakuraaaa Sakuraaaa

One of the best season to visit Japan is ......
春(Haru=Spring=Primavera) !!

Spring in Japan can only mean one thing:
桜(Sakura=cherry blossom=flor de cerezo)!!! 
Tokyo usually sees its first blossoms in the dying days of March, with full bloom falling around April.The blossom usually only hangs around for a couple of weeks.
In this season you can not miss 花見(Hanami=flower-viewing).
Typical hanami spots include city parks, landscape gardens, castle grounds, along riverbanks and you can bring food and drinks for picnic. Of course alcohol too !! 乾杯!(Kanpai=cheers=salud)
This year I went to  小石川後楽園(Koishikawa Korakuen Garden)

And you know what? In this season there are many products of sakura flavor !! 
For example: drinks.........
Snaks.....!?( I haven't tried...yet) 
And this year I tried this one!!! So good!! 
Omg! I love Sakura flavor! You should try them!! 

Oh and also there are many songs about Sakuraaaaa~ sakuraaaaa~(March is the month for graduation, while April marks the beginning of a new school year).

I hope you have the opportunity to come in this season! Please, Let me know if you want to come. ;) 

See you! (またね, mata ne= hasta pronto)

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