Wednesday, March 23, 2016

About Japanese phrases with (活-katsu)

¡Hola, amigos! (Hi, friends!)

One day, I was getting ready to go to the university and I heard on the news that famous phrase in Japan: 就活 (shuukatsu). 
As many know, this phrase, is an abbreviation for 就職活動 (shuushoku katsudou) =job hunting activities

There are maaaaany phrases, using the character 活 (katsu) to describe various activities. 

But .....when I saw the screen....
whaaaaaat !!! ??
The character (漢字,kanji) was not 就活, was 終活!! (Shuukatsu) and it has the same pronunciation.

The meaning of 終(shuu) is 終わり(owari=the end)
So, 終活 :the act of planning for your death. You write down your will, throw things you do not need away, regarding your funeral, inheritance, etc. (character for end).So that the people around you would not have so much trouble after you die.
Omg !! Are you serious ? :0
 On the news they said that during this activity, old people fell into depression because they had to throw their belongings, pictures, memories..... And they begin to see the reality of the end of their lives.

Hmmm, I don't know what to say about it... 

Let's see others katsu expressions that can be commonly heard in Japan these days: 

婚活 (konkatsu), which puts together the characters for marriage and activity to describe men and women trying to meet each other with the goal of getting married (and is an abbreviation for 結婚活動 (kekkon katsudou).
妊活 (ninkatsu): the act of learning about pregnancy and giving birth (character for pregnancy).
離活 (rikatsu): the act of preparing for a divorce.

So, what do you think ?? 
To naming these normal activities of life I feel that all of them are life's obligations...
 Is it necessary to do 活動(katsudou-activities),until last moment of your life??
I'm truly admire Japanese people how they work, plan their life and of course, their discipline!! I had learned a lot from them. 
But my latinamerican side said that sometimes are good to do nothing or planing nothing, just... 
No! I'm not telling you to live la vida loca (crazy life) all the time! :p
I think the balance is the key of the life.
So, let's find the key to happiness!  :)

Hasta pronto! (See you soon) 

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